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We build professional tools and services on the decentralized web

Our Services

  • Blockchain Integration

    Build a layer to manage and manipulate data between current system and public blockchain network.

  • Smart Contract

    Any other smart contracts and logic you want to implement on EVM compatible chains.

  • Architecture Design

    A right architecture planning for a novel blockchain system can save tons of time developing.

  • DeFi

    Development of any blockchain based financial solutions, e.g assets tokenization platforms, p2p lending, neobanks.

  • Indexing Node

    Indexing node helps pull data and organize blockchain data into offchain node for further use and query.

  • Contract Audit

    We conduct manual code review and automatic code analysis to identify any possible compilation, security, and reentrancy issues.

  • Vesting Contract

    For IDO etc, we implement a smart contract that allows you to deposit tokens that are unlocked to a specified public key at a certain block height/slot.

  • NFT Launch

    Build contract and tools to support NFT collection launching.

Key Skills

  • Ethereum

  • Fantom

  • BSC

  • IPFS

  • Web3

  • Telos

  • Metamask

  • Hardhat

  • Solidity

  • Go

  • Typescript

  • React.js



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